Global Greening & Sustainability

What is Green Cleaning?

GlobalGreeningGreen Cleaning goes much further than simple appearance. From the products used to the practices put in place, a successful Green Cleaning program lessens the impact to health and the environment compared to similar products. In the long run, employing a solid Green Cleaning program can also improve these aspects, promoting and safeguarding human health while protecting the environment.

At Global Management Solutions, Inc., our goal is to protect the health of building occupants, visitors, and cleaning personnel, while reducing any polluting effects on our air and water. While our products minimize the risk for adverse health effects and environmental impact, we realize that using such products is only a part of the equation. That’s why we’ve developed a superior total Green Cleaning program that includes cleaning agents, procedures, equipment, paper, liners, mops, and everything needed to effectively and safely clean your facility.

Global Management Solutions, Inc. continues to evolve and find new ways to be more efficient. By identifying new cleaning procedures, products, and systems, we have been able to increase worker productivity and reduce overall operating costs.

What is Sustainability?

The Brundtland Commission defined sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” As with Green Cleaning, sustainability is more than using different products; it’s developing a consistent process to minimize the impact cleaning has on people and the environment.

As we move from just Green Cleaning to Sustainable Green Cleaning, we need to expand our view of the impact on the environment, as well as on our economic and social thinking. This concept is called the “triple bottom line” (also known as profit, planet, and people). To be truly sustainable, a well-managed organization should have a balance between these three elements:

Economic (profit) – Companies must be profitable to stay in business, but we should consider processes for source reduction, increased worker productivity, and low facility maintenance costs.

Environment (planet) – We should use more renewable resources, use products with lower VOCs, conserve water and other utilities, and recycle.

Social (people) – Pertains to fair and beneficial business practices toward staff, customers, and the local community. Things like using green products, good training practices, paying a living wage, working with the community to promote sustainable practices, and just using the Golden Rule when dealing with people.