Commercial Real Estate

Global Management Solutions, Inc. provides comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services to Class A office buildings, corporate office parks, and various sized office buildings. Whether your goal is to increase the level of service, improve overall operational efficiency, or to simply increase the overall value perceived by your tenants, Global will take an objective and in-depth look at your current program. From there, we develop a detailed and customized program addressing service gaps and improvement opportunities.

With on-site support and hands-on ownership, Global will ensure any transition will not disrupt your business or tenants.


School districts across the country continue to face decreasing federal, state, and local funding, and are forced to increase class sizes, cut educational programs, put off essential building upgrades, and even furlough teachers and aides. Global Management Solutions, Inc. can help you keep that money where it belongs – in the classroom!

We offer comprehensive school cleaning and maintenance services that will increase quality and operational efficiency, and help lower costs. With Global, you gain an experienced business partner to assist in the daily servicing of your district while maintaining control of your operations and custodial staff. Global will work with existing in-house custodians to implement our program.

Additionally, our Green Cleaning program will play a crucial role in creating a healthier environment, which studies have shown can improve test scores, student and faculty attendance, and overall air quality.


Global Management Solutions, Inc., provides cleaning and maintenances services to health care facilities, medical offices, and clinics. Global is committed to making your health care facility a healthy and clean environment while achieving consistently high standards. Our on-site management team will ensure these quality standards are met through regular inspections and quality control audits.

Our most important role is to be considerate and responsive to the needs of your staff, patients, and visitors. We will strive to provide you with the same flexibility as an in-house support staff.


Global Management Solutions, Inc., provides a wide array of hospitality and residential cleaning and maintenance services. From room and house turnover to daily cleaning service to common area maintenance, Global has the resources to make the management of your hospitality suite painless.

With Global, you gain a valuable partner who is focused on the comfort and satisfaction of your guests. In addition, our comprehensive hospitality/residential programs ensure that a high standard is met daily while not disturbing the guests or residents. Global staff also offers 24/7 on-call services to address maintenance emergencies and other facility concerns. In addition to providing guests and residents with a first-class service, we also strive to give your property the same flexibility as an in-house support staff.


Global Management Solutions, Inc. offers comprehensive cleaning and maintenance programs that are custom designed for your distribution center, warehouse, or manufacturing plant. In order to avoid staff interruptions in production, we take the necessary time to fully understand the function of your facility and customize a program built around your daily needs.

Global is committed to maintaining a safe and clean environment throughout your facility. We will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

Mixed Use

Mixed-use properties continue to evolve and change the way people work, live, and play. The unique tenant mix of retail stores, commercial office space, restaurants, entertainment, and residential condominiums offer many benefits to communities and many challenges to property owners and managers.

Global Management Solutions, Inc., understands the intricacies of servicing a mixed-use property. Our portfolio contains some of the busiest mixed-use properties in the country. Our customized cleaning and maintenance programs will deliver a consistent and cost-effective service in order to meet the daily changes and challenges of your property. Even inclement weather, our staff’s ability to adjust and shift focus will ensure all areas of the property are safe and clean.


Global Management Solutions, Inc. offers comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services for shopping centers of all sizes. From regional malls to smaller, local community shopping malls, Global brings more than 70 years of experience in providing unmatched attention to detail and customer service to the shopping center industry.

Shopping centers across the country continue face shrinking budgets and the burden of reducing expenses. Global understands the need to minimize costs while maintaining a safe and clean environment for shoppers. That’s why we customize a specific program within budget parameters in order to keep your shopping center in top condition and operating at optimum efficiency.

We can also package other contracted services in order to provide your operation with more efficiency, flexibility, and a single point of contact.