Are you confused about outsourcing? Not sure if outsourcing is right for your facility? Does outsourcing your custodial services seem like a hassle? If the thought of outsourcing has you asking these and other questions, Global Management Solution, Inc. can help alleviate your concerns.

New to Outsourcing?

There are many outsourcing myths. Just the mention of outsourcing can create fear and uncertainty among facility owners and managers, school districts, employees, and the community. However, outsourcing with a trusted and dependable organization can offer several benefits for your facility and your employees.

Working with new equipment and receiving advanced training motivates your employees and boosts overall morale and job satisfaction. Employees also benefit from specific program enhancements, including a more efficient deployment of personnel, which increases productivity and consistently delivers quality service. In addition, employees are provided with a structured career path and opportunities for growth and advancement that are not readily available in their current employment.

For the facility, cost savings is usually the key driver for outsourcing. Most facilities can expect to see an average of about 15% in overall savings – in some cases even more. However, cost savings isn’t the only benefit. Outsourcing gives facility operators and managers the ability to spend more time focusing on the core details of their facility. In addition, the savings generated from outsourcing can be reinvested to provide technology and facility upgrades, as well as funding for educational programs.

How can Global help you?

Global Management Solutions, Inc. brings a unique approach to complete facility care. Since 1991, our family-owned and operated company dedicated itself to providing the highest quality and cost-effective cleaning and maintenance solutions for our clients. Our unmatched attention to detail will make your transition to contracted service an easy one. Global will design a customized program for your facility to ensure consistent quality and efficient productivity. Our hands-on ownership group will provide personal attention and support to your team.