Proven Results

check“Culture drives great results.” – Jack Welch

Results are defined differently for each client and each facility. Global Management Solutions, Inc. believes our company culture, personal commitment, and proven solutions will deliver consistent results. By listening to our clients and their unique challenges, Global Management Solutions, Inc. strives to be a valuable partner in assisting each client and facility to meet their operating goals and objectives.

Company Culture

Global Management Solutions, Inc. places a premium on our employees. We believe in paying our employees fair market wages. This practice results in less turnover, fewer hours spent retraining, and more time focusing on providing a quality service to each facility.

Global Management Solutions, Inc. is committed to providing our clients with full disclosure invoicing. The foundation of any good relationship is trust, and being up front about the costs involved results in budgeting certainty and the peace of mind of knowing you are getting what you pay for.

Finally, Global Management Solutions, Inc. is not focused on being the largest building service contractor – just the best. This philosophy ensures we never compromise our commitments to our employees and our clients for the sake of growth. We believe you need to be able to pay people properly, give them sufficient time to do the work, and provide the best equipment to perform the task.

Personal Commitment

As a family-owned and operated company, Global Management Solutions, Inc. prides itself in having a hands-on ownership group. With more than 70 years combined industry experience, each Principal of Global Management Solutions, Inc. makes regular field visits to each location we service, which provides visibility to our clients and employees. This practice results in regular, face-to-face communication, thus ensuring our program is efficient and exceeds expectations.
Global Management Solutions is committed to keeping up with the latest technology available. Whether it is using iPads for Quality Control Audits or investing in the latest workloading software, we strive to provide our employees with the best technology in order to consistently deliver value to our clients.

Proven Solutions

• Site specific quality control audits designed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of our program through a critical appraisal of each specific area of responsibility. These audits result in increased quality and worker productivity.
• Customized programs designed through modern approaches to workloading that ensure the proper number of service hours are budgeted. This results in consistently meeting facility quality goals.
• Providing experienced, on-site Managers with a proactive approach to facility services gives our clients a trusted and dependable resource on a daily basis.
• Our Global Greening and Sustainability program provides processes to protect the health of facility occupants, visitors, and cleaning personnel, as well as minimizes polluting effects on our environment.